About Us

For the past 28 years, Washington CeaseFire has been the only statewide organization dedicated to reducing gun violence.  The organization was formed in 1983 by citizens who had been directly affected by gun violence. From a small group meeting in private homes, it has grown to an organization with more than 5,000 members across the state. Washington CeaseFire is now one of the most respected gun safety organizations in the nation and continues to work to reduce gun violence in communities throughout Washington state.  

Our efforts encompass three separate approaches.
First, we EDUCATE the public via events, publications, speaking opportunities and online reporting about the facts of gun violence. Most citizens are surprised when they grasp the true magnitude of the problem and realize how little is accomplished on a federal level because of political pressures.
Second, we serve as a COMMUNICATION counterweight to the propaganda of the gun rights crowd. Guns do kill people, but it's generally not "bad guys" with criminal records committing the act  -- it's the mentally ill, or the distressed and emotionally distraught. Under the pressure of the moment, if a gun is present, an impulse can quickly escalate to a fatality.

And finally, we ADVOCATE to change the laws in this state. In 2009, we were successful in a push to take away gun rights from some 5,000 Washingtonians who are involuntarily committed each and every year to a state mental hospital for 14 days or more -- people for whom the key determinant in their hospitalization is whether they pose a risk to themselves or those around them.

To find out how you can join us in our commitment to reduce gun violence visit our "Get Involved" page.