Gun Free Zones – No Guns Allowed Inside

Gun violence can happen anytime and anyplace where a firearm is present. Tragically, this was the case a few years ago in a coffee shop in Seattle’s Central District, where an argument between two customers resulted in one being shot to death.

Under the auspices of Seattle’s Mayor Mike McGinn, Washington CeaseFire launched the Gun Free Zone program in 2013 to emphasize that private businesses in the City of Seattle have the right to determine whether or not to allow guns on their premises. (We updated the program in 2018 to include businesses from the entire State of Washington.) Businesses that choose to participate place a gun free zone decal on their establishment’s doors or windows, essentially notifying their customers of their right to offer a welcoming space free of firearms. Proprietors tell us that their patrons feel more comfortable in Gun Free Zones, and the owners themselves feel empowered in doing everything they can to ensure a safe environment.

The Gun Free Zone program is voluntary, and to date over a hundred businesses have participated. Businesses interested in joining the Gun Free Zone program can contact Washington CeaseFire at