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Washington CeaseFire’s Gun-Free Zone initiative was enthusiastically supported by several victorious candidates in the November, 2021 election.  Bruce Harrell, as the new mayor, has indicated that he plans to continue to support the program, which has the imprimatur of the present mayor, Jenny Durkan.  Sara Nelson, newly elected to  City Council Position 9, will join a council that has unanimously endorsed Gun Free Zones.  And Ann Davison becomes the first Seattle City Attorney to support Gun Free Zones.

The Gun Free Zone initiative is a grass roots movement that supports and encourages private business owners to identify their establishments as firearm-free zones.  It is a  powerful way  to  fight  the false narrative that “guns make you safer” and  send a message that we citizens can and will take action to make our communities safer places.

Washington CeaseFire, with the full-throated backing of our local leaders, will be making the creation and expansion of Gun Free Zones a centerpiece of our work to prevent firearm injuries in our community in the years and decades to come.  If you are a private business owner and would like  information on how to become a Gun Free Zone, or a resident who would like to learn more about our program please contact us at: