On October 31, a gorgeous, sun-drenched afternoon, Washington CeaseFire celebrated our 24th annual daffodil planting to commemorate victims of gun violence. Washington CeaseFire President Larry Wechsler and Vice President Robert Silber spoke on the importance of the day and our continuing commitment to preventing firearm injuries in our community.  Marlis DeJongh and Marcia Bennison delivered moving remarks to remember Tom Wales, former Washington CeaseFire president, who was shot to death twenty years ago.

After a world premiere of “Firearm Free,” an ode to Washington CeaseFire’s Gun-free Zone project, we planted dozens of daffodils in a prominent location across the street from Starbucks. Thanks to the Seattle Parks Department for helping us with planting, to Sunnyside Nursery for the bulbs, and to Starbucks, for coffee. The community is invited to celebrate the blossoming of these daffodils (date to be announced on our web site), which will join the thousands of daffodils Washington CeaseFire has planted around Green Lake over the years.