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One of the great things about being engaged in an important cause like reducing gun violence are the amazing people you meet along the way. At Washington Ceasefire, there were two that floated above the clouds higher than us mere well meaning mortals. Tom Wales who tragically died far too young was one; the other was the remarkable Jeanette Ashmun a feisty, fearless, ageless, selfless, spitfire of goodness, timeless wisdom and optimism.

Jeanette’s life flame flickered for the last time this week after a long illness, but her good angel spirit will stay on the shoulders for all who want to fight to make the world a better place.

Washington Ceasefire several years ago had already noted her contributions by naming its annual award after her. Jeanette was the quintessential example of how one unassuming, well meaning person could have such an impact on so many people. Thanks Jeanette for being you!

Written by Ralph Fascitelli –
former president of WA Ceasefire.